The outdoors has changed drastically in recent years. Technology has spread across the world and into the pockets of countless individuals. Smartphones are everywhere and act as a means of communication between users and a line to information at a moment’s notice.

Andrew Frame understood that this was a game changing idea for an app he had in mind. It would allow users to submit reports about what they saw outside. Other app users could then see this data and apply it to their situation. He recently conducted an interview to expand on his thoughts about the app.

Citizen App was launched in 2016 to quite fanfare. It took some time for Andrew Frame to get his name off the ground and into the minds of consumers across the age spectrum. At the center of his mission was creating an app that would complete a mission. The first step was finding trusted employees to help develop and maintain the app each day.

Together they have made great strides in upgrading the service into its current form. The mobile market is still full of untapped potential with the ever-increasing number of smartphone users. Andrew Frame foresees an even greater amount of information pouring into the app.

Beyond app development, Andrew Frame pulls inspiration from many aspects of his daily life. He regularly reads on the side about all subject matters. Poetry is a genre he is particularly fond of. During the interview he describes a common tactic to break the ice with new employees.

He shares his favorite hobbies and asks the other individual to do the same. At the end of the day, user feedback has been vital to the creation of the app. Citizen is changing how the average user receives critical lifesaving information anytime they desire. See this article for more information.


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