Juan Monteverde is highly recognized in New York and other states to win cases and settlements for consumers and investors. It is a remarkable achievement for the founder and Managing partner, Monteverde $ Associates PC, because he chose a unique specialty and did not even start his career in law. A Bachelor of Science in finance was his first degree. He realized that consumers and investors are victims of injustices that require legal redress while working in the financial field.

Serving the purpose

Juan Monteverde views himself as Don Quixote in law. He draws inspiration from the book because it discusses a man dedicated to pursuing a purpose other people called absurd. Monteverde identifies with the book’s imagery of a person fighting things others cannot see. The attorney believes that it is better to follow “personal instincts to fight for better results” instead of following a crowd.

Monteverde started the journey to advocate their rights by pursuing a J.D. After graduating, he worked for different legal firms to gain focus on running mergers & acquisitions practice. He made much effort to create awareness about the firm and build a reputation.

After hard work, the law firm has been winning multi-million dollar cases and getting settlements for clients. Monteverde is now a recipient of several awards for him and his firm because of impressive wins for clients.

Practice Challenges

Fighting for shareholders to Juan Monteverde is a passion because it is not always simple to fight huge battles for hundreds or thousands of people. He says that many shareholders do not know their responsibilities and ability to make changes at their organizations. He adds that he realizes that his clients require more information on shares ownership when working with them.

Juan succeeds by adhering to a hard work ethic focusing on productivity. Monteverde $ Associates has successfully won cases seeking damages at all levels, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Out of court Juan Monteverde helps in organiziLng fair merger transactions for clients and guiding emerging professionals.

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