Those with diabetes type 1 or type 2 know there are many serious illnesses that they are prone to developing. One illness that many individuals aren’t aware of is diabetic retinopathy. At first, this disease may not present any symptoms but over time it can cause permanent blindness. Tom Chang MD has explained that those who suffer from diabetes are also at a higher risk for developing glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic macular edema. Tom Chang MD has stated that an individual with diabetes has at least some risk of contracting diabetic eye disease. 


Additionally, ophthalmologist Tom Chang responded that individuals suffering from high blood pressure have a greater risk of developing an eye disease. For those diabetics who become pregnant, their eyes may be susceptible to constricting blood vessels that can lead to more serious issues. For pregnant women, it’s very important to have consistent eye exams while pregnant to detect any complications. According to the specialized ophthalmologist Tom Chang MD, while currently there is no treatment to completely reverse diabetic retinopathy, there are preemptive measures that can be taken and his aim is to educate patients on this concern.


Chang mentions that the most important aspect of preventing eye complications is by controlling your blood sugar. This is accomplished by choosing healthy, unprocessed foods that include complex carbohydrates and low sodium. Tom Chang MD keeps on the advice that, by adhering to a strict diet, one can ascertain that their blood sugar levels are stable and more consistent. To avoid vision loss in the future, it’s imperative that treatment begin early if symptoms of diabetic retinopathy start occurring.