Dr. Alddo Molinar is a well-known anesthesiologist who has earned the reputation of being a caring and reliable doctor. He believes that before embarking on a career in medicine one must understand that a doctor makes an impact on the health and lives of patients and giving the best care to patients is the secret of becoming a reputed doctor. Dr. Alddo Molinar serves the Ohio Valley Medical center and the East Ohio Regional Hospital as an attending anesthesiologist. He is also the president of his company, Molinar Anesthesia Consultants LLC. 


He chose medicine as a career after he saw his grandparents suffer as cancer patients. He graduated from Trinity University with a BS in Biology. He later attended the University of Texas Southwestern at Dallas and earned his medical degree. He did his residency at the internationally reputed Cleveland Clinic’s Anesthesiology Institute. Alddo Molinar also trained in critical care medicine and cardiovascular and neurological intensive care at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Alddo Molinar says that before embarking on a career in medicine they should have a natural aptitude to care for patients. 

Anesthesiologist Alddo Molinar

A career in medicine, Molinar points out, is not merely about attending medical school. Is about caring for people. Doctors are busy professionals who need to coordinate with other medical specialists to make sure that patients are cared for properly. Anesthesiologist Dr. Alddo Molinar believes that to successfully navigate a busy day, a doctor should follow a rigid routine including taking organized breaks.

Patients need the help of the doctor suddenly and the doctor needs to be flexible to gain a reputation as a caring doctor. Doctors should stay motivated by the lessons they learn in their daily routine and use the lessons to give better services to patients to gain a reputation as caring doctors. Dr. Alddo Molinar is a reputed anesthesiologist who not only gives the best treatments to patients but gives advice based on experience to other doctors to help them improve patient care.