Greg Blatt has had a career with many turns. He has worked as a bartender, a table bus person, ski instructor, lawyer and CEO of two of the largest dating sites in the world but the one thing that made him successful in any position he took on was his people skills, his determination and his incredible work ethic. While some people believe luck had a lot to do with his success, Greg believes it is his ability to trust his gut and move when the time was needed.

Born in Boston, Blatt learned to be tenacious from his father who he says had an opinion about everything and gave it, whether people asked for it or not.

Greg Blatt had no intention of becoming a business executive. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in literature from Colgate New York and after graduation traveled a bit. He spent time in several cities around the world and supported his travels with odd jobs.

Eventually, Greg Blatt settled in Telluride, Colorado where he lived in a tent and made a living bartending. When he got serious about life, he attended Columbia Law School and earned a masters as a lawyer. He started in corporate law but soon realized it wasn’t his style.

He moved on to entertainment law and befriended Martha Stewart and other celebrities. He was eventually hired by Stewart and was instrumental in taking her company public. Later he moved on to IAC that owned, Expedia and the Home Shopping Network. He soon was asked to head their subsidiary, and managed to turn it around in less than a year. Because he had a knack for the dating industry, Greg also became the CEO of Tinder.

While Greg took an unusual approach to his career, his intuition always took him toward the final goal and he always used his strengths and connections to build his impressive career. Refer to this article for more information.


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