Those who know San Francisco Giants know many things than those that only hear about the team or read about it when it crashes another team. So many faces have also changed with others coming in and going out faster than anyone can realize.

However, it has not been so for one man, SF Giants CEO Larry Baer. The man has literally been with the team on every occasion. It is true that his stay at the Oracle Park has not surpassed 20 years but what Larry Baer has done for the boys, the farm system, and the entire Bay area make it seem like he has been with the team forever.

Larry Baer knows every player. He has been there when the deals about most of the boys have been sealed. “Without him, the team would be far behind relegation,” said an individual from the farm system about Giants CEO Larry Baer.

Among the things Larry is aware of is that Oracle Park is founded on young talent who are passionate about the farm system. With that in mind, no matter what happens, it is Larry’s deepest feeling that the farm system preaches tolerance as well as lenience to each other especially when the team faces challenges such as Covid-19, which has made training almost impossible.

Because of what Covid-19 has done to the economy, it is hard to say with certainty the kind of team Oracle Park will present to the league when the 2021/2022 season starts. However, even when surrounded with such and scores of other uncertainties such as finances, Giants CEO Larry Baer does not shake. Read this article for additional information.

In a recent statement to the press, the SF Giants CEO said, “The future of the team depends largely on the farm system.” Born Laurence M. Baer, Larry joined SF Giants in 1992. Together with Peter Magowan, he led the team to clinch several trophies. In May 1996, Larry was appointed Chief Operating Officer. In 2008 and 2012, he was named president and CEO respectively.


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