He is the founder of JD.com, a company that was previously known as Jingdong. JD.com started in 2004, and Richard Liu Qiangdong has been the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ever since.

Liu was born in a small village in China known as Chang’an. The village did not have basic amenities such as water and electricity. By the time Richard Liu was born, his parents had lost everything and worked as rice farmers.

While Richard Liu’s parents went working, he would be left behind to take care of his grandmother. The old lady taught him how to appreciate and utilize what was available. They would cook meals with sweet potato and corn because that is what they could afford. However, sometimes they would visit the market and get pork meat in exchange for peanuts. When they cooked the pork, they would collect the fat that would help them cook other items throughout the year.

Despite coming from a humble background, Richard Liu had high ambitions. He was motivated to become the head of their village and ensure that everybody got a decent meal. Richard got the chance to attend the Renmin University.

His parents could not afford to pay for his train ticket, so the community’s people contributed. At the University, Richard pursued a Sociology degree and practiced computer programming during his free time. Luckily, computer programming was a skill that was in high demand at that time. Liu managed to save up enough cash to buy his mobile phone and computer. Visit this page for related information.

Before making his big break in the e-Commerce industry, Qiangdong experienced failure along the way. He began by setting up a restaurant next to the university entrance, which failed because of poor management. In 1998, Liu opened up a small stall that he named Jingdong. The business took off so well, and in five years, he had 12 other stores.


Additional information about Richard Liu n www.jd.hk/richard-liu-jd-ceo-about