Octopus Hydrogen, a recently founded subsidiary of the Octopus Energy Group, has hatched a deal with the Research and Development Center of ZeroAvia to supply the latter with 100% green hydrogen at Cotswold Airport, United Kingdom. The deal is meant to support ZeroAvia’s pursuit of its powertrain technology. Octopus Hydrogen supply will supplement on-site hydrogen production to power the HyFlyer II project. The program is supported by the UK government and is geared towards developing a powertrain to fuel a nineteen-seater aircraft to a range of approximately 500 nm. ZeroAvia seeks to launch the powertrain technology by 2024 to allow the early adoption of eco-green flights. 


Octopus Hydrogen will supply the company’s mobile refueling unit with over 250 Kgs of green, high-pressure hydrogen per day. The UK Government recognizes aviation as one of the most critical areas as far as green hydrogen is concerned. Together with its partners in the project, the aviation company has already completed the Hydrogen Airport Refueling Ecosystem (HARE) in addition to the n-site electrolyzer. This ZeroAvia´s system will support the testing of the six-seater Piper Malibu aircraft and, after that, HyFlyer II. ZeroAvia indicates that an additional, readily available green hydrogen supply is necessary for a larger program to supplement the on-site production. 


Octopus Hydrogen is a branch of Octopus Energy Group, seeking to introduce locally obtained and distributed eco-green hydrogen to the market. The service will target aviation, cargo transportation, industrial applications, and energy storage to quicken the shift of these sectors to a zero-carbon future. The ZeroAvia company plans to supply customers with fuel-cell grade hydrogen at three hundred and fifty or seven hundred bars. The batches will be between 200 and 1000 kilograms, with each kilogram going for £5.30. The product will be delivered to customers directly using portable storage and dispensing units based on zero-emission. 

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