An American billionaire businessman, Eric Lefkofsky has been changing the business world for more than two decades. He is most known for being the founder of Tempus.  Eric Lefkofsky has a passion for helping other people. An example of this is the donation he recently made to bring personalized medicine to new diseases. Lefkofsky’s foundation of more than two hundred million dollars will help people dealing with a variety of medical issues. For years Tempus has been focused on cancer research. 


In recent years the company has branched out into other areas which include infectious diseases, mental health, cardiology, and even diabetes. The medical world is known for being complex and challenging and Tempus is focused on changing that. Eric Lefkofsky pointed out that they specifically like to partner with companies that are primarily focused on solving complex challenges. One such company is Google. Tempus has allowed Google to manage its patient data through Google Cloud. 

Today Tempus is viewed as a new breed of cancer diagnosing. The company gets a majority of its funding from sequencing and diagnosing cancer tumors. Their work helps doctors make the best decisions possible for their patients. Along with millions of dollars donated by Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus has also received donations from investors like Franklin Templeton. Just recently, they received donations from Novo Holdings, and Baillie Gifford. Today Eric Lefkofsky points out, Tempus is expanding its work to move beyond just cancer research. The company is focused on cardiology and mental health. Tempus has also worked on helping during COVID. They have offered more than one million PCR tests for Covid-19.