Vik Bansal is a leading business professional from Australia who was just appointed as the new InfraBuild chief executive officer. He is taking over the top leadership role at the leading manufacturer in Australia’s integrated steel industry. The company is also the Australian leader in steel recycling and distribution.

Given his deep knowledge of the manufacturing sector in Australia, Vik Bansal InfraBuild recently weighed in on his thoughts about its future as the post-pandemic era arrives. He has noted that it is his belief that the sector has a bright future ahead of it with plenty of opportunities to thrive.

Vik Bansal notes that Australia has had a historically strong manufacturing sector. The post-World War II period was a particularly notable point for manufacturing in the country. Though this is the case, he points out that the global health crisis has demonstrated that manufacturing in Australia has fallen off from where it once was.

Vik Bansal is a strong believer that the steel industry in Australia represents an opportunity to cause transformation in the country’s manufacturing sector. It is a sector that is focusing on sustainability alongside strong economic output. The Australian government’s launch of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative is opening up opportunities for support as well as investment to manufacturing operations that are focusing on areas such as low-carbon metal.

With executive experience that goes back more than two decades, Vik Bansal is one of the most respected business leaders in Australia. He has also held major executive roles in the U.S. and the Asian market. Throughout his career, Bansal has demonstrated an ability to help the organizations that he leads to grow and achieve their company goals. He now brings his expertise to the team at InfraBuild. Bansal came on board as the firm’s chief executive beginning in July of 2021.

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