Data Systems International is an inventory control and management platform that provides cloud-based and supply chain solutions to medium-sized and start-up businesses. DSI Global has its main operating offices in Kansas City, Missouri, generates annual revenue of 250 million dollars, and currently has more than 800 employees on board.

With their recent developments in the tech industry, DSI has announced the release of a new version of Cloud Inventory. Cloud Inventory is a cloud-based robust solution that allows manufacturers and distributors to control and monitor inventory in real-time accurately.

Manufacturers and distributors can improve and increase productivity, inventory optimization, compliance, and revenue generation by utilizing cloud-based solutions. Since the warehouse has no walls, Cloud Inventory uses a disruptive tech solution to track assets, Jobsite supplies, inventory, consignment materials, and tools in an online or offline mode outside the warehouse. Cloud Inventory oversees raw materials from the manufacturing process to finished goods from the warehouse to the field.

The newest version of Data Systems International is designed in a way that customers and clients can quickly adapt and utilize the processes of supply chain solutions as their businesses grow. Cloud Inventory is a low to no coded platform with an easy configuration that requires hiring expensive programmers and developers. In addition, the D.S.I’s Cloud Inventory provides insights dashboards that improve and monitor the supply chain performance.

DSI’s Cloud Inventory has come in handy during the COVID-19 pandemic since most companies and industries are shifting to e-commerce. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the availability of accurate and real-time monitoring at all points of the supply chain, which Cloud Inventory is expected to achieve.

Due to the recent reoccurring supply chain disruptions, Mark Goode, the CEO of Data Systems International, acknowledges the need to have a supply chain management inventory solution available at all points in the supply chain. Go to this page for more information.


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