Before Alex Pissios founded Cinespace in 2010, few people thought of Chicago as a major contributor to the US film industry. Years later, Chicago competes with Hollywood and New York City regarding the number of films and television shows produced each year. This is largely attributable to Alex Pissios, the driving force behind Chicago’s rise into an industry powerhouse.

Pissios’ Cinespace is estimated to have created more than 20,000 jobs in Chicago since its inception. In addition, the International Alliance of Theatrical Employees (IATSE) has seen a significant rise in its members from hundreds to thousands because of Cinespace. Local production has also experienced a significant improvement from one or two projects a year to a dozen projects daily.

Giving Back to the Community

Driven by ambition, Alex Pissios is hell-bent on leaving the world a better place. As if establishing a world-class manufacturing facility isn’t sufficient, Alex goes out to help others personally. He hasn’t forgotten how someone stepped in at his lowest point and made him a force to reckon with.

Pissios rose from the ashes and dedicated himself to paving the way for others. As Cinespace grew, he realized that improving the world would require more than merely investing money. He’d have to become a game-changer economically and socially, which he did.

Philanthropy Achievements

Alex Pissios hired Sheila Brown as the executive director of CineCares several years ago. Brown quickly established the Mirkopoulos Inclusion Program in honor of Pissios’ uncle, the founder of Cinespace Toronto.

The program provided paid training to people living in low-income communities with no prior film production experience. These people were trained specifically to produce network television shows. As a result, her trainees have been involved in creating prominent films, such as Empire, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D, Bat Woman, and The Chi.

Alex Pissios’ Past Life

Alex, formerly a teacher, had a lot of debts when he was younger, but his life was later transformed by his uncle Nick Mirkopoulos. The latter established Cinespace, a massive film and television production facility. He saw something special in his nephew and thought he would do well in the film industry, so he helped Alex Pissios establish a Cinespace branch in Chicago. But, even he couldn’t have foreseen the marvel his nephew would become.

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