Expert software programmer Andrew Frame founded the Citizen App company in 2017 while living in New York, and it has continued to gain more users over the few years that it has been in operation. The Citizen app notifies its users of potential dangers that may be nearby by accessing reports from emergency scanners and other public data.

Andrew Frame feels that the app became so popular, because it keeps people informed about any criminal activity that may be occurring in their area, and about things such as very bad weather that they would need to seek shelter from as quickly as they can.

Although the app notifies subscribers about potentially dangerous situations and activities, according to Andrew Frame, it doesn’t send “suspicious person” alerts, due to the fact that being a suspicious person is not a crime, and reporting this could possibly play into racial bias in some cases. Citizen recently started offering Covid-19 contact tracking. Users of the app can get a free COVID test sent to them, and when the results are available, it will send a notification to their phone. If they have tested positive for the virus, Citizen will notify all of the people a user may have exposed to it.

The Citizen app not only alerts people about nearby dangers, but it also has a feature called “Magic Moments”, which reports on good news, like when a missing child has been found alive and safe, and has been returned to their home.

To access this feature, a user would tap on a heart icon located in the upper right corner. Before becoming the founder of Citizen, he worked at Cisco Systems as a support engineer, and he started his first ISP company at the age of 15, as well as later starting telecommunications company Ooma in 2004. Visit this page for related information.


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