Luke Lazarus, a top Australian entrepreneur, and consultant understands the challenges one faces when starting a business.

He also knows it is more challenging to operate a successful business and get good profits.

However, that did not stop Mr. Lazarus from starting and running four successful ventures while still in his youth.

After operating the businesses for eight years, Lazarus sold all of them and retired at 33.

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He used the money earned to start a consulting firm to help upcoming entrepreneurs and business owners.

He has been operating the Luke Lazarus Consulting firm for over twenty years in Sydney.

How Luke Lazarus Became a Leading Entrepreneur

When growing up, Mr. Lazarus always wanted to become an entrepreneur.

He owned his first business at eight years old and successfully operated it until he completed his high school education.

Lazarus got recruitment by several universities and colleges in Australia after graduating from high school.

However, he chose the Melbourne Business School, where he graduated with a Master of Business Education.

He also declined multiple employment opportunities to concentrate on starting his business.

During his schooling years and the expertise Lazarus gained while operating his ventures, he learned that entrepreneurs must understand their mission before starting their businesses.

Over the years, he has taught the same mantra to clients who seek his counsel.

How Luke Lazarus Used Social Media to Encourage Other Entrepreneurs

Since Luke Lazarus loves connecting with people, he uses different social media platforms to do that.

He connects with his followers through Facebook, Twitter, Behance, YouTube, Quora, Medium, and Tumblr.

He uses social media platforms to provide entrepreneurs with business insights, communicate his recent transactions and encourage upcoming business people on their entrepreneurial path.

Mr. Lazarus credits his entrepreneurial success to his ability to balance.

He tries hard to maintain a daily routine involving exercising early in the morning and walking his dog.

Luke Lazarus also creates time for friends and gives back to the community.

He uses the support he got when growing up and attending Melbourne college to give back to the communities in the area.

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