Huascar Lopez was born in the Dominican Republic. His father, a lawyer, and his mother, a university professor, raised him and his other siblings. He was an avid sports enthusiast, especially baseball and football. Huascar started his medical studies at the university in the capital city of Santo Domingo, where he soon discovered his talent in business orientation.

He obtained a degree in Marketing and Business Administration. His passion as an entrepreneur was evident from a young age. He began working directly with cryptocurrencies in 2014. He was intrigued with digital currency and was determined to make a difference. Lopez is also the Founder & CEO of CashFx Group.

1. About CashFx Group

Huascar Lopez founded CashFx Group in 2003. He was a successful entrepreneur who started his career at the age of twenty in the industry of online marketing and lead generation. Lopez has been recognized for his expertise in this field, with his company being listed as one of the top 10 companies on Google for their services.

Huascar Lopez is a prominent figure in the digital currency industry as he is the founder and CEO of CashFx Group. This company specializes in the development and marketing of digital currency exchanges.

Lopez also has a strong background in the banking industry, where he worked at Bank of America Merrill Lynch for a few years. He later joined Citadel Securities as a Director. Lopez was also instrumental in forming the Caribbean Digital Currency Association. Lopez is also a member of the board of directors for the Dominican Republican Institute.

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