Jason Hughes, the CEO, Chairman, and owner of Hughes Marino, has an impressive track record with his company. Originally based just in San Diego, Jason Hughes has expanded his company into a behemoth of commercial sale-leaseback transactions on the west coast. The foremost expert on tenant and buyer representation in California, he has negotiated some of the most prominent lease transactions in California. With his successful and influential business, it is no surprise that he pioneered some of California’s most important sale-leaseback transactions laws. 


The law SB 1171, known as the sale-leaseback transaction broker Dual Agency Disclosure Bill, was championed by Jason Hughes. This monumental law requires more fairness and transparency for commercial tenants in California. Under the Dual Agency Disclosure bill 2014 law, tenants must be informed in writing if they are working with a broker who represents both tenants and landlords. According to Jason Hughes, this helps tenants avoid, or at least be aware of, potential conflicts of interest. His business, Hughes Marino, is laser-focused on the core principle of his professional life: 


providing tenants with the top-tier representation they deserve. He founded his business in an era where sale-leaseback transactions brokerages almost always catered to landlords. With Hughes Marino, Jason Hughes started a revolution in the commercial sale-leaseback transactions industry. With Hughes Marino, he started sticking up for companies that had long been the underdogs in commercial sale-leaseback transactions negotiations. With over a decade of delivering powerful successes to its clients, Hughes Marino is rightly regarded as a leading tenant representation firm, all thanks to the successful businessman and entrepreneur Jason Hughes.

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