In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Kip Lewis went into detail on the things that motivate him. He mentions the busy aspects of a typical day: the majority of his day revolves around creating new real estate projects with the remainder focusing on overseeing the properties he already owns. Most of his projects come from ideas that Lewis carefully vets before putting them into action. He always makes a point to never let emotion persuade his thoughts and then relies on his personal perception at the end.


Kip Lewis also feels controlling your emotions at critical times improves productivity in professional life. He maintains that education is the best route to take when you’re younger. He explains that his lack of education made the growth of his business tougher than it likely needed to be. Lewis finds managing your mental health to be a goal that everyone should strive for. He states that taking care of his mind has made him better at parenting, a more reliable business owner, and a more dedicated friend.


Kip Lewis recommended allowing failure to be a scenario that you experience. He points out how, when starting up, the lack of funds led to many opportunities being missed. Afterward, reviewing the missteps he made prevented them from being repeated in future deals. Lewis also learned that forging relationships with the bankers assisting you builds a professional rapport.


As a child, Kip Lewis launched businesses around his neighborhood, discovering a love for earning and having money. His first trip to the local bank also turned his interests towards investing. He graduated from McCoy College of Business at Texas State University and quickly moved into the local market. After buying and selling his first property, he turned his eyes towards the historic preservation of Round Rock, TX.