Razer the go-to spot for gamers across the world. The company is known for hardware, peripherals, accessories and everything oriented towards a gamer’s needs. Min Liang Tan is the co-founder of Razer, a lifestyle brand and accessory provider for gamers. The company was recently listed on the Hong Kong Stock exchange.

At a recent keynote presentation, The Razer CEO unveiled a series of hardware products built with the latest Razer technology. The new designs continue to lead the industry in PC gaming and technology.

The keynote which took place on June 15th was the first keynote presentation made at the E3 event. This year Razer was proud to headline and share news about its hardware and innovation. Following the E3 Keynote, the RazerStore has led a virtual event with the appearance of gaming celebrities and broadcasted to the Razer social channels with more information on future product launches.

About Razer

Razer was co-founded by Min Liang Tan and is today the worlds leading lifestyle brand for consumers who love gaming. The trademark, a triple-headed snake is one of the most recognized in the world. Fans come from every continent and the company continues with its focus to design and build the world’s best gamer-focused technology systems.

Razer has won several awards for its hardware including high performance laptops and gaming peripherals. The software platform receives more than 125 million users and supports thousands of games, apps and devices.

Min-Liang established the company in 2005 with headquarters both in Irvine, California and Singapore. Now Razer has more than 17 branches worldwide and is listed on the Honk Kong stock exchange.Visit this page for related information.


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