Online Trading Academy is a leading educator in investing and stock trading globally. With over two decades since its establishment, OTA has leveraged its team of strategically sourced talented tutors in its over 40 education centers globally to facilitate hands-on and engaging learning sessions. OTA enables investors and traders to acquire skills, adeptness, and confidence relevant to their financial goals. Online Trading Academy prides itself in having equipped over 80,000 successful students with knowledge and insights into that facet of the financial market since its inception. Having built the capacity and competency over the years, OTA has sought to conduct impactful research into what informed investors and bond and stock traders comprehend, their approach to trading, methodologies at their disposal, beliefs, and biases.

For this reason, Online Trading Academy launched the OTA Research Center that focuses on researching numerous sources that will give the investors and retail traders insights that they can pore over and make an impactful decision in their trading. In its analysis, OTA Research Center points out The Behavior of Individual Investors by Brad Barber and Terrence Odean that drew finding that retail traders often lose money. However, OTA president Mike Richardson brings to light research by Professor Peter Swan and associates that incorporates a different approach: Holding-Period-Invariant and differing findings to the standard Calendar-Time method. Notably, Professor Swan alludes that for over four decades, Calendar-Time has been inappropriate and encompassed numerous biases.

Professor Swan lauds his research with HPI methodology terming it accurate and more viable. In addition, Online Trading Academy’s decades-long accounts with its students are parallel to Professor Swan’s findings. The research by the OTA Research Centre indicates a disparity in the trading experience between educated and uneducated investors and retail traders. With its proven high satisfaction rate of its students, OTA is creating a network of well-informed and highly knowledgeable investors and retail traders that can navigate through financial markets through its research and education.

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