Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne- based business consultant who has changed the business industry as a whole.

He is widely known for his start-up consulting services and his passion for helping young and growing entrepreneurs overcome the day-to-day challenges experienced in the business industry.

Entrepreneurs worldwide call on Luke for his expert opinion in case they feel stranded or stuck in their business activities.

Luke Lazarus usually creates a business plan and a story for stakeholders and customers who consult his services.

According to Luke, every company needs to have a story to tell which should be similar to the company’s product.

This strategy is essentially vital for any company willing to grow and be successful.

Before helping any client or company that reaches out, Luke Lazarus first identifies the company’s market performance and the customer’s points and reviews.

Luke Lazarus was born in Melbourne but raised in Perth. After completing his high school program and attaining straight A’s, Luke enrolled for scholarships in various universities across the US and within Australia.

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Due to his amicable performance and grades in high school, Luke Lazarus was accepted by several universities in the United States but chose to stay in Melbourne.

Luke got a position at Melbourne Business School, where he achieved an MBA.

Following his graduation, Luke Lazarus decided to do what he loved most, business.

After a decade, Luke had already launched and sold four companies for more than $20 million each, and by the time he was 35 years, he had accomplished his dreams and financial freedom.

However, Luke decided to divert his interest and passion from being an entrepreneur to consulting business agent.

Luke’s mission was to help entrepreneurs and companies reach their potential as well as solving their problems.

According to a recent study, Luke Lazarus has helped more than a hundred start-up businesses from the ground up.

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